A question about image processing and machine learning.
I post random images of the Earth to Twitter. I would like the bot to detect if the image is bad one. How can I do this? Here is an example of bad image.

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    Why is that image bad?
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    @zacg it contains 2 images with different quality and contrast
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    @martikyan oh. I don’t think you could feasibly detect that, because I presume some places actually look like that
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    “Bad” is an opinion, ML isn’t about opinions last time I checked.
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    @C0D4 it kind of can be though. It can be trained to have an opinion. Also “Bad” can be defined in some way
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    You just need AI and feed it data
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    @Haxk20 It's not a good idea
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    @BlackByte Instead of using two setter functions, I would have just made one that accepts arguments... But I guess that's not the point here :)
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    @TheOct0 i woud have done that too but that would be wierd to post
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