When installing windows 10 on a computer, it asks for your Microsoft account and then sets up the username with the first 5 letters of your email. My email starts with William, so my user name was willi. Thanks.

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    You can also choose not to use a Microsoft account
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    @AndSoWeCode that's why I am currently reinstalling for a second time
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    @-ScratchOs you can also delete that user without reinstalling
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    @AndSoWeCode I tried, it left the user folder and it's permissions but prevented me from accessing it
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    I had exactly that!!!! My name is William and I setup a new pc, my username is still 'willi'...
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    i tried reinstalling and using the no-account-option. turned to shit when i turned auto-signin on via netplwiz, so here i am with my shitty 5-letter username again.
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    @-ScratchOs You need to enable Administrator account from CMD for that to work. Then you log out from your account, enter Administrator account, create new account, delete old, log out, enter new account and disable Administrator account.
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    Make an regular account and afterwards add your MS account to that account.
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