Who else questions the Apple QA team?

Effective power to the letter "i" not working to the root bug and now this?

Jesus Christ they need to get some help lol

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    I feel like this aint a real "bug" and more of an easter egg that one of the engineers put in there just to fuck with people
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    "We, the overlords at Apple won't care. Money is everything. Suck our fat demon overlord cock after paying premium for our shit. Now we'll make money and fuck everyone who tries to be free. We don't CARE.. We just want your MONAAAAAAAY"
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    Testing has always been underrated.

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    @AlpineLinnix yup saw this post and left for dinner without commenting. Lol
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    You can never have things bugfree. They probably test ten million invisible characters and weird shit but having to test each and every combination of characters to see if it crashes?

    Its in any system, Android, windows etc.
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    @Floydian not by developers though.
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    @Codex404 true. But false in my country.
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    @Floydian how? Devs and testers both want a good product right?
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    Might be some character encoding stuff :/
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    @Codex404 Yeah I would guess so too... But just looking at the current situation at SnapChat, where millions of installations are instantly crashing after an update (on Android), I cannot help but think that these guys don't even do simple integration tests.
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    unicode bug: ok its hard to test a zillion different combinations.
    tiwan bug: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
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    @Codex404 but testing is looked down upon in my country. Hence shit here keeps breaking in production. Be is trains, planes or softwares.
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    But but apple is the best, never crash, quality, customer care, bla bla bla... /s
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    @dontbeevil "It JuSt WoRkS" though
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    I don’t wanna be the devil’s advocate, but I hope the code of everyone commenting here doesn’t contain that kind of bugs... 😒
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    @athlon what about people bashing about other sw (non apple) big companies ?
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