TLDR; read the last alinea, my train just arrived and I am typing this after the resr of the rant

So lately there's been a lot of hate on here to PHP, which for now I'd say feel offended if you want to, but fuck all of the guys hating on a language without personal experience or even just plain "I used it for a week or less"-experience.

Noticed I said "a", yes I am not just talking about hate on PHP. It's pretty much the stupidest thing one can do, exclude a programming language you might like more than you will think at this moment. I present to you; My first few weeks of internship last year.

So last year I had to find a company to do an internship at with two classmates, none of them replied with a come over for a talk except a company mainly working in Laravel (PHP).

All of us didnt like php at the time, me possibly even hating it the most, but that didnt keep us from taking the leap of faith and just going to the company for a talk, I mean it couldnt hurt right?

So after the talk we had a place for an internship, which we all thought we were all going to hate, because of PHP.

Now a few weeks into the internship (3 / 10 weeks I'd say) we had basically just gotten done with the first setup of the project we had to build. And we noticed after a good 2 or 3 weeks that it didn't feel like too much of a different language.

Personally I even found it better than C# or Java, which were the only other languages I knew at the time.

Now keep in mind I still like C# and Java, allthough guven the chance I'll choose PHP everyday over both.

But I learned more things I was expecting to learn those 10 internship-weeks, with the one thing I am writing about being the main focus:

Stop hating, try the language out for at least a week (yes 5 * 8 hours) and then make an educated decission based on your findings throughout the week, you might be surprised...

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    Fuck me, just noticed "alinea" at the top of the post it means "paragraph" for the non dutch people...

    I can't edit the post anymore ...
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    @RicoNijeboer Works in French too :)
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    I love working with PHP. Not as much as JS, but having worked with it a lot I really like it :)
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    Sounds like my internship although us interns had to choose techniques, we did a week of research and came to Laravel. Now I work their fulltime and all the interns learn to work with Laravel.
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    me and php... ahh, still remember, we met, started dating soon after, we worked then a lot, god, we've done things!

    ...and now, after about 2 years we still hate each other just like the first day.
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