A colleague named Sam was really pissed off today at an out sourcing firm from India.

My Boss outsourced an application to India based firm. Sam was the one handling the project after the handover. Sam coded a feature 2 weeks ago and moved to staging server for approval. After the sign off from the lead developer of the outsourcing firm, he moved the feature to production. For the past 2 days the application was crashing over and over again so Sam went to check and found out that the feature he coded was causing the issue. When he pulled the feature to his computer and had a look at the code, it wasn’t his code. The code he wrote was commented out and the lead developer of the outsourcing firm wrote new code.

When Sam emailed to him regarding this he replied that he re-wrote his code to fix issues with the feature. Sam and outsourcing firm lead developer had heated argument about this. It’s turns out that the outsourcing developer re-wrote the code without anyone’s approval and on production server.

The lead developer of the outsourcing firm was fired.

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    Why would an outsourcing company have access to your production server though?
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    @billgates They are the once who moved the application from the development server to production server. I believe the other developer advised boss to let's kick their access out however boss said not now. They still have the access to the server at this time.
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    Yeah, no, I wouldn't give anyone who doesn't absolutely have to access to prod. Plus with outsourcing ruke no. 1 should be, that they are lazy and/or want to make money, so they'll do as little as possible, so allways double check befor deploying to prod.
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    Whoa 😎 risks of outsourcing
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    "Open prod and show keys" :v

    Now, I don't want to flame at outsourcing to India or India in general, but Indian devs being cheaper is for a reason... Often times the code originating from there is subpar to the rest of the world.

    To any passionate Indians offended at this comment, let me just mention Aadhaar real quick :) of which aadhaar-bridge was removed from GitHub due to significant flaming by researchers at how insecure it (Aadhaar) is compared to the extensive amount data it is responsible for (biometrics etc from what I've heard) but of which I still have a copy.
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    @Condor or trying to buy a ticket on http://www.indianrail.gov.in worst user experience ever. It's pure luck to get a ticket.
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    I must say I find an exception to this to be frappe. But what they make up in code they lose in docs.
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