Update on my previous rants: finally got it working! after spending 2 days compiling the kernel and trying to fix some issues, I just reinstalled my laptop with a fresh antergos image, installed the kernel and both the speaker and headphones work just fine! no distortion, no weird chrome video speed ups, just works - it was probably just something I had installed ages ago to make external usb sound work.

I also used this opportunity to apply the missing grub theme and found this: https://gnome-look.org/content/... it's perfect with almost any custom background too.

Why is this a rant? well some asshat at gnome decided to remove the "global dark theme" option from tweaks, so now thousands of themes are broken if you want the dark theme, since the developers now have to offer the dark theme seperately, well numix-frost has had this reported since the 7th may and no response since, the hack to make it work is to replace the gtk.css with the dark equivalent gtk-dark.css for now..

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