Every day and especially at night in my bed, I go through different websites that talk about the web design and development. It's very important to me .. To learn and always be informed of trends.

What is the website that you like the most? The one you read every day and you think to be the only one to know ? Mine is : Website Deconstruction ( http://websitedeconstructions.com ) . A website that dissects others to understand how they are constructed and how they work.

A really good one.

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    Last post is from 2014 on that site? that's not really keeping up with trends :)
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    I always have a strong dislike for following any trends (it's a very marketing/sales mentality) ... because then it becomes about development for the sake of development. I think you're much better off learning about user psychology, patterns, content strategy, atomic design, etc. so you are prepared to make intelligent decisions about design rather than applying trends wholesale.
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