Why is school such a bullfuck, we've learned SQL basics and I've used SQL a little so I thought I won't have a problem. WELL FUCKING HELL WAS I WRONG. Joining 4 tables together with inner join WTF who the fuck uses that, why the fuck do I need to know this, WHY THE FUCK IN A TEST WHEN WE HAVEN'T LEARNED SUCH BULLSHIT. Well how about adding a foreign key to a table that doesnt need one. Well ok have fun with a key that does absolutely nothing and on top of all those convoluted tasks the texts are a mess, they give unnecessary information with grammar of a 9 year old and the pictures are not even readable. They are fucking hieroglyphs.
Fuck school.
Gonna do it by myself at the end anyway.
Fuck everything.

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    Trust me, you'll need INNER JOIN more than you care to admit. Just remember, in school its not necessarily about getting the end result so much about learning the methodology behind it.
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    You are going to use this later in real-work enviroment, it actually saves a lot of times since we have lots of it to handle
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    @monr0e The problem wasnt even the join but why the fuck 4 of them?! I couldn't finish the tasks because I was to busy with writing INNER JOIN 4 times and every task was like this- just a waste of time.
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    4 tables... is that all 🤷‍♂️

    Come talk to me when you need around 10 tables with inner and left joins and has to return 1000’s of rows in about 5 seconds, Oh and you must run a sub select so you can control the ordering from the outside for grouping purposes.

    pre-keying tables for future use is never a bad thing by the way.
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    @Marl3x if each question has the same score, this means you’ll learn how to find the easier question one first instead of stuck on 1 question. Or you only got this question left?
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    @devTea I wont- I do Frontend and even if I will use it I will just googled it. I know how a join works but why do I need to waste my time... see my other comment. Theres so many different dialects of SQL that I'm not willing to learn every single one. I'm using another at work.
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    @devTea It was the last one.
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    @Marl3x "I'll just Google it" no, that's not a good attitude. You should be able to understand the mechanics of what you're working with, even if you don't understand the language or syntax. Irrespective of the flavour of DB language you work with, you should be able to recognise and fundamentally understand nominal terms and operations. If you don't, you'll continually end up with a clusterfuck of badly written code that only partially meets requirements, and you'll constantly take three times as long to complete work. Google is SUPPLEMENTARY. Not primary.
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    @monr0e I said I know what a join does but I dont know every syntax, you say thats okay but I shouldn't google... what?! Okay then I'll just try for hours.
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    @Marl3x well we had to do our SQL exam on paper, that was fun.
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    @jonii Yeah, it was on paper as well. Fun times... I stopped writing every keyword big after the first few tasks 😅
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    @Marl3x :D

    I asked my teacher why we aren't doing it on the computer, like we would at work and he said they don't have exam accounts on which the web browser and such is disabled. When I told him that at work we would be able to google as well, I kid you no, he said "Well if you would be able to google, we would need to make the tasks more difficult and that difficulty is not for your class" (I was in a sysadmin class back then) -.-
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    @Marl3x take it as a joke, try to write huge complicated queries that nobody understands. That's how I got through school and university programming, it's shit but you can always try to push things to have fun.

    (Please don't do this in a real job. Really. Don't.)

    I had an assignment in which I had to develop an app that interacted with a DB, just for lols I put ALL the business logic into one absolutely gigantic SQL query. Doing stuff like this keeps you entertained and you learn things too.
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