For all us older web devs....

I don’t normally post jokes/memes but this needed sharing.

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    I bet webdevs were thinking the same when they were developing for IE6, with was pretty much cutting edge at the time with its features and additional stuff that was not standard, like AJAX.

    In future we will see on websites steps on how to disable updates for Chrome, because it was built using some non-standard stuff in certain old build. Then we will see complaints about having to make your websites work for ThisShittyOldChrome that a lot of people use, because websites are forcing them to.

    Well, it isn't as likely as it was with IE6, but this is pretty much what happened.
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    @arraysstartat1 ie6 was the worst browser at the time, it did everything wrong especially when Firefox and safari where the competing browsers and Firefox was the standard.

    You almost had to rebuild parts just so they would work in ie, and when Ajax finally came into sight it was like a gift from the gods, WebDev became that much easier and yet so much more complicated.
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