Someone asked me "if I forget to close my html tags </> will people hack me? "

Geeks what do you suggest? 😁

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    yeah, it's leaving a door open duh
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    @oudalally absolutely but how about security? 😁
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    @jonii haha 😀
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    I suggest being honest and kind, because ignorance is not inherently a sin.
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    Yeah he will be hacked, not digitally but physically.
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    @Yves tell him that leaving tags open in the easiest way to get hacked, no matter how much security he puts in after that. He won't leave a tag open for a while, at least. By the time he realizes that the boogie man isn't real, he would have gotten used to closing his tags properly anyway.
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    Leaving tags open has much worse issues than just the website getting hacked - it's well known that in Area 51, the NSA uses open tags to insert anal probes. Yesterday, you were Einstein, and then you wake up as Kim Kardashian. You have been warned!
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    @RantSomeWhere Blockchain*
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    It's more of a signal of an idiot than a vulnerability. But there are probably a few if they can forget that
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    If he closed the <please don't hack me> tag he'll be safe.
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