Guys I need your help.
Recently there has been questions on whether there's a developer oriented dating service which made me think of buiding one.
On research I noticed that people have tried but you always end up with more people from the outside.
So I decided to make my service as developer friendly and user unfriendly as possible.
it's more command based rather than normal click and touch inteefaces.
More like the shortcuts on your ide or the terminal commands.
As part of my research involved talking to other developers and came the desire for more opinions.
here's what I have:
- Github sign in/up only
- Link github stats to account
- Messages (obviously )
- links to your social accounts
- use of devrant avatar
What am looking for is:
+ what do you guys need from a dating service.
+ name you musts, avoid the ones named by others
+ name what you expect to know about the person on the other side before talking to them and before meeting with them.

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    Let me be the first to comment, I'm totally drunk ranting above, just from team building and my ceo believes drunk is good.
    forgive any spelling and grammar. Anything else go ahead and roast
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    Unless you are building for gay devs only, your plan has a gaping hole: why would female devs get on board? Women in tech can, provided they even want to, choose among gazillions of dev guys without having to jump through hoops.
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    @Billcountry Cheers to that, matey! 🍻πŸ₯ƒ
    Interesting idea. I will comment later, I'm in a hurry.
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    That's the argument presented by a fellow dev.
    So ladies is this something you'd want?
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    😱whats wrong with tinder and do you rly want to date a another dev? i dont have experience dating devs, but when i date, i surely dont care in what language they code πŸ˜…
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    @BadCompany Tinder is (in my opinion) pretty fucked up for decent people.
    From my experience, the majority of women on tinder are either shallow, have fake rubber boat lips, 10 kilotons of makeup, silicone tits or are in another dimension of beauty standard. Well, there are a handfull exceptions, I met a few of those, but in general, Tinder has been, for me at least, pretty unhelpful.
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    @PonySlaystation oh yes i understand, well ofcourse this depends on what ur looking for... but its true: quality company and decent conversations are very rare, good looking company for saturday night on the otherhand ...
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    @Billcountry yep you gonna have a hard time getting females on board for sure. Nevertheless I really like the idea of such a portal. Though I have to admit it's more about finding another dev then finding somebody with my skill level / set.
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