Programmer Gosling taught me the best pickup lines I know.

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    There's a dutch speaking facebook group called "the worst pick-up lines ever". This one would be super, but nobody beside a few devs would understand :)
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    Shouldn't it be abstract class? :-P
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    I always thought it was a function
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    I'm not a master of OOP, but as far as I know, static classes can't be instantiated (at least in php, last time I checked, may vary from language to language? I hope not).

    There's where the charm of this pickup line lies, love does impossible things, as instantiating a static class...

    Or maybe love wasn't a static class to begin with. ;)

    If it were abstract, it can be instantiated, but it demands implementation. Thus, we would have a different interpretation of love.

    Andddd I think I went to far explaining the joke. :D
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    @brucecantarim ++ for taking it too far. That's what a true dev does, without fail.
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    Love runs in a managed environment. That's why instance life times are non deterministic and subject to the whims of the garbage collector. Exceptions thrown during construction are rarely recoverable.
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    Very beautiful man))
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