So today a file my PHP application made went through to a machine (50x50 meters) and out came the finished product exactly as it should have.

Sidenote; fuck you haters

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    #nocontext #wood
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    @jespersh It's an xml file that basically tells the machine where to bore holes into wood. Sounds really easy but there was a lot of math behind it

    Hopr that clears it up a bit for you ;)
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    Been there with two different makes of pick'n'place machines for electronics.
    Software so old it could only be used on Windows 98 (or was it 95?) with floppy disks.
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    @jespersh nah man it's the biggest machine in the whole of the netherlands that does these kind of tasks (profiling, drilling holes, etc.) so being 20 years of age and making a program that can tell a machine that big what to do by just simple php calculations and code is kinda amazing to me
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    @RicoNijeboer where is that machine?
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    @Codex404 somewhere in twente
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