Happiness is Linux everywhere.

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    Welcome to devRant!
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    @nobes thankews
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    1337 h4x0r
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    What's the bottom device?
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    @Stuxnet It's my smartphone. "Mi A1"
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    Looks like its little brother :3
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    @ODXT kind of siblings 🤣
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    @Cyanide hey I'm so sorry. I accidentally reported your comment by fat thumbing it. My bad.
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    @ChachiKlaus no worries :)
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    @aarfa I've been trying for months to get my m1 to run a Linux vm, how did you do it?
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    It's like... I can't run a proper vm machine since android 4... 3 cellphones ago and... And... I see this.... Please Master, tell me how... I don't see the light.
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    @GyroGearloose I can describe if you have the same Device as mine.
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    @GyroGearloose I worked a lot. But you won't believe how relaxed I was when it was finally done
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    @aarfa it's a vm or native ? I'm going for Ubuntu.... Me noob, and yes I would love instructions... Btw create a blog or something with adds , never saw a tutorial for VMs in Android 8, would get lots of views
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    @GyroGearloose if it's so. I will do it for sure. I booted live Kali Linux. You can boot live Ubuntu with desired iso mirror.
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    @aarfa like, stick a memory card or USB, boot up the system live, then reset and have the phone back? That's even better. Does it use the memory as local storage? (would be even better, download packages and stuff).
    My server is a Alcatel pop7, 4core 1gb ram android 4.1 (servers ultimate pro, lightppd, no php and mysql yet, also ftp as a drop off for the security cameras that I'll mirror to Dropbox latter ) and if this also works for any phone I'll have two more servers with full linux.
    Btw does the touch work? Or are you using only keyboard and mouse?
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    Tough one.. should I comment something like "plz tich meh heking" or should I comment "welcome to devRant"? Aah, life!! Don't give me dilemmas like this!!
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    @Condor plz plz t3ach m3 h0w t0 b3c0m3 leet
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    Stepe 1: enstal Kelai Lenox
    Stepe 2: post how I ken now hex NASA wiz cmatrix
    Stepe 3: …
    Stepe 4: Profit ($_$)

    As for OP.. I mean, you could've expected this one right :P Kali and its average users are kind of a joke nowadays :')
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    You probs know this, but in case you don’t, having Kali can be a lot like having a work computer imaged by an overly zealous Cyber Security team.
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    Cool.. what are you going to do with it?
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    @Condor I've actually installed Kali when first getting into pentesting, but it turned out I only really need tools like gdb, netcat or similar stuff for what I'm doing. Some of the software in Kali is probably useful, but I've seen a lot of unnecessary crap
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    @kenogo even advanced pentestere use only like half of the tools in there. It's nice how they include everything so that you can use whatever you can ever need at the time without having to install it first. But OffSec has made some really terrible design choices in Kali.. most notably running everything as root. Principle of least privilege? Not at all.

    As for package count.. as far as I can tell it's a dick measurement fest in the pentesting distributions (Kali, Parrot, BlackArch, perhaps Pentoo but not sure) to make their package count as big as possible, as in "look what many tools we've included! This is MOST COMPLETE!" So any shitty Python tool that any kiddie makes and is in the slightest related to pentesting? Chances are that they'll package it up and include it, just to increase their own size in the dick measurement fest. I find it disgusting.

    Personally I would discard that for Arch and making my own personal tool suite any day 🙂
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    I used Kali mainly for reversing/malware analysis
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