My Boss: How long will it take to create login and registration page?
Me: 30 seconds.
Boss: You can't be serious.
Me: (Spinned up Laravel, entered comand - php artisan make:auth
Me: (To Boss) It's done.
Boss: What!

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    You mean to say php is useful?
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    Or is it Laravel that is useful?
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    I really need to try it.
    I am too lazy.
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    Well, this command can be run only at project start, and yes, you have a working auth, but still some modification to do to obtain a perfect one.
    With laravel i prefer doing manual auth, still using auth method tho
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    I love Laravel!
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    @ElaineG I really need to learn it 😅
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    @danharrin it’s just that I write loads of libraries myself and I couldn’t find a way of including those very easily. Next to that I don’t get how the routes work and how to easily integrate a custom login system as I’ve written an extensive one myself 😬
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    @danharrin custom token length, custom validity (resets) time, Auto blocking and security-email-unblocking features, brute force protection, that included? If yes that’d be awesome.

    What about the other things I named? 😬
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    @danharrin and simple requires anywhere in the code? 😅
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    @danharrin php files! Because I’ve got a shitload of libraries and stuff I always use with projects
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    You can do the same with .NET core and probably Java Spring.
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    @sSam It really depends on what you want to achieve. Spring Security is crazy huge and can be exceptionally complicated.
    You want to do basic things, sure - easy.

    Idk how .NET handles this, but I can imagine it's pretty close to Spring.
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    Thanks everyone for your comments. This is inspiring. I will try to respond to comments as I deem fit. One-by-one.
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    @Cyanide PHP is useful. What I'm trying to say is Laravel (and most of other php frameworks) makes writing php codes faster.
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    Yes, you only need to run it at start project and it will create authentication pages (register, login & forget password) with basic fields. However, if you need complex (or extra fields) in your auth pages, then you need to go beyond the make auth command.
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    Manual auth is necessary for complex authentication with many logical fields.
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    Great. Now your boss thinks you can make any page in a minute. Prepare for hell.
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