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    You're still wrong about that
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    @whoneedsgit no I'm not...because some things simply work better on a NoSQL database (Couchbase for full text search (and lots of other stuff...cause it's awesome); redis for small applications or applications with very few relations because it's small, simple and fast...)
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    @Azer0s MSSQL has an incredibly fast, very powerful full text search capability.

    Text search is all dependent on back end indexes, rather than whether SQL is used or not, so it's not strictly speaking a factor in whether to use SQL or NOSQL DBs.

    NoSQL DBs are good if you want to treat data storage as an integral part of the application and don't want to rely on ORM, but having used MongoDB in a large scale distributed system and had data loss, I can at least state that Mongo doesn't scale reliably.

    SQL is a proven data query paradigm, and there are a lot of DBs which have a long track record of reliability.

    That said tho, I have no issue writing SQL and so long as it's sanitised, I still prefer it to any other approach for data storage.

    Lots of ways have been created to supersede SQL, but they have largely all fallen but he wayside.

    It will be interesting to see whether any NoSQL DB will actually become as well accepted as the big 4.
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    @Azer0s Besides, if all you need is full text search, use Lucene.
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    @oudalally you're making fair points...but the discussion was about one specific application which would've benefited from a NoSQL DB like Couchbase
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    @oudalally also...I don't like lucene
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    @Azer0s Fair enough. Still, got to support the SQL - I'm old school like that ;)

    As a general rule, if you need relations, use SQL. There should be no relations in a NoSQL database, the data should be treated as documents and unified by queries which imply relations.

    Also, you're not alone - Lucene is horrible, tedious and awkward. It does work pretty well tho.
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    @oudalally Then what about GraphDBs that are literally focused on relation between data such as Neo4j?
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    @Awlex good shout, I wasn’t aware of graph dbs at all!!
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