Old people to new people -
"Welcome to devRant"
"Enjoy your stay"
I think, do some people plan to be a guest and leave devRant after sometime?

I'm here to stay.

Maybe, it should be
"Welcome to devRant, now you're stuck here..." 😈

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    Legit only have Facebook now because of my partner and my friend tagging me in memes that will surely make us go to hell
  • 3
    Devrant at this point is my most used socialplatform too.
    Maybe I don't know what "socialplatform" means.
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    Love the pic, confidence vs arrogance
  • 1
    Not planing to 'go go', but I don't have much more to rant about + spare time is getting scarse.. :(
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    @sladuled happened to me Also... Spent months away and when I come back little changed, most cool people were here, as If I was never gone.
    Here there are no internet friends asking why didn't you talk to him /her all day
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