I want to become Android developer as well as web developer (Full Stack more likely) , So enlightenment me Devs which API , Libraries, Frameworks i should master?

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    This is highly depends on your preferences tho. How far are you with web dev currently?
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    JSP,Struts 2.0 at University Classes and at Work Html,css,php Some times WordPress related work, that's all amd i am hating WordPress @devTea
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    Express + Postgres + React. For mobile use react native.
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    @chiraganand well I would slowly learn every bits of css and js before using any framework if you really wanted to master it. Yes even html, there is a lot of stuff html can do by itself now. My tips is take framework as something to help you do your work instead of depends on it (this is for front-end). Also jquery could help, but learnt how to slowly cut off using it if you could. Anyway take it as a grain of salt, and have fun learning is the most important thing to do


    Edit: Also depends on your db: both sql and nosql version are popular now
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    Thank you@devTea actually in north India there is a lot of hype for web development and android and they all use android studio and wordpress for that. And on the other side in south india there is every kind of work one can work on python ruby R c# java

    So i have to live in northern part of my country for a while that's why i want to be a full stack developer.
    And in indian culture Devti means Goddess 😊 And THANK you once again.
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    I would move south
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    Yess, i want that too but i can't afford now here i am an intern only getting a stipend of 5000 INR like 73usd for month @carlosjpc And to move south i need a lot of skill set and very nice job with good package
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    One day @chiraganand, will root for you
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    Thank you so much @carlosjpc
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    Just learn Dart and Flutter
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