Once I used to wonder how youtube made money.
Now every time I watch a youtube video I am reminded how.

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    Adblock for the win
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    @Stuxnet I use youtube mobile app. No straightforward way to block ads there.
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    @vishal-vp Use a browser that has an adblock? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    Or go 1337 haxorman and get free YouTube premium lol
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    @vishal-vp If you are using android, check F-droid for an application called "NewPipe".

    It is basically youtube without adware.
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    I use AdAway, but it requires root since it works with the hosts file :|
    But it's super effective
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    Ublock Origin + Firefox.😊
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    I second @illegaldisease about NewPipe. Besides being ad-free, it also has features like background audio-only playback and being able to choose multiple video formats. The only drawbacks would be that you can't log into your account (which I pefer tbh) and IIRC, the lack of subtitles.
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    My android forces my phone to watch the video on my yt app. Even when i tried to use the web browser to get the link it redirected me to the app..
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    @Gregozor2121 Just deactivate the YT app.
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    @vishal-vp Pihole on a Raspberry
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    @iKameo this is the best option tbh. Not only will it do mobile but it does literally everything if you install it properly (ie. Transparently). I've rooted my phone in order to have youtube vanced for background playing and when screen is locked... It blocks ads too but pihole is easier and doesn't need root
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    @Gregozor2121 Just clear the defaults for the YT app in the settings.
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    I wonder about WhatsApp. How they're getting money???
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    @sylargray Sell User data?
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    @sylargray it does not need to, it has one of the largest user bases and more engagement than Facebook. Its net worth is worth a lot and it's financially backed by Facebook. WhatsApp plays another game entirely, like YouTube, but certainly cheaper to maintain.
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