My first project at the job was implenting a website, designed by the same company we mostly worked with.
It was very stressful because half of the 2 months calculated for finishing the project, these genius designers needed for their design. Until then, I had almost no tasks to do...
When the designs finally came, I worked on it and two weeks later was a meeting for review and to decide about some details.
These fuckers then concluded, that the whole design did not fit the page and that they would rework it.
Two weeks later, on the planned release day, we finally received it. A completely fucking different design! Wow!
My boss was pretty angry and so was I. We had to move the release 4 weeks ahead, the client was pissed like a stinking hobo and it needed a lot of convincing to keep that client...

It's fucking nerve-wracking as well that we always have to wait in most projects for weeks for clients or designers to add the content before we can publish a website.
They don't seem to care if they have 2 months or 2 weeks, we never were able to release one single project on time, because of these lazy fuckers...

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    For me, it's the other way around...

    I mean I finish a full website design in a week or 2 and my devs are like „oh, we have time”

    sometime later aaaaaaand the client is pissed.

    The main problem is that most people do not understand one thing: what looks nice and shiny in PS has a 50% chance to look like crap on the web (no matter what you do) so we have to remake it together, shoulder-to-shoulder, designer-dev.

    So, I learned to ask my devs to do the darn functionalities first and then we will work on the design. But even like that they have that „meh” attitude that set the project back.
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    @Odradek7 What a pity...
    It's great that you try to first ask about functionality. This was a big problem with our designers in early projects: They didn't ask if something was possible or about website behaviors etc. that would make both jobs easier.
    Nowadays wo mostly discuss the sitemap first and important functionality, it saved us a lot of problems.
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    @PonySlaystationI l live with a dev for some time now (7 years) so I know how frustrating it can be on both sides. There is no point in the design vs function war.

    I learned I have to think more about the platform my design is on than the design itself.
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