just got my google home mini!!

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    Watch out some tin foil hats are fixing to lecture you about privacy.

    Don't understand why they care how we handle our data but to each their own, I suppose.
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    I see you got privacy breach at your home
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    Yay I’m not alone 😎
    that glorified weather reporter comes in handy as a tv remote.
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    @pavel-durov Why not?

    His money.

    His choice.
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    @C0D4 The Google Assistant is very convenient to use with playing music as well.

    My parents don't have a dishwasher at their house. So when I'm washing dishes, I like to play music. It's helpful to be like "Hey Google play Fortunate Son" or "hey Google change this song" or "hey Google shuffle my EDM playlist."

    It's definitely better than taking my gloves off, changing the song, put gloves back on.
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    I’m have mixed feelings for it.
    1) voice activated webhooks are awesome,
    2) it keeps recording everything...

    But the dev inside of me enjoys 1, plus it was a freebie so money wasn’t part of the decision making for this thing.
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    @Stuxnet absolutely correct
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    Cool, I've got two of them. Pretty useful.
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    @C0D4 pretty sure it only records what you say after the hot word.
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    @DuckyMcDuckFace thats how it’s suppose to work, but my tv triggers it a lot and normal conversation it will beep to start listening as well.
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    @stop Who wouldn’t want a mass surveillance device at their home?
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    Mandatory eww google
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    All of this could be possible without sending any data back to Google.
    That they do it nevertheless shouldn't be legal in my eyes.
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    I don't want to be THAT guy, but it's a thing that's always on, and that constantly sends data to Google. I wouldn't trust it too much, to be honest.
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    That's my same concern. You're buying a microphone that will listen to you 24/7 and on your own house, nonetheless.
    I know we (almost) all carry smartphones and Android already does that, as you may check with ads shown to you, but anyway I wouldn't trust it.
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    @MarioC @Giocol Why do you care so much? OP made the conscious decision to buy one. Good for him. Do you care this much when someone wears ugly clothes or eats nasty food?

    It's trivial to give a shit about our choices in life. Calm down.
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    I'm not saying he should've done different. He can do whatever he wants and buy it if he desires to.
    I'm just expressing my opinion about Googles' / Alexa.
    Just saying I don't trust them.
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    @Stuxnet I'm not insulting OP for his decision, I'm just expressing my concerns on the technology. I know that I can come off as annoying, but it's not my intention at all, I just want to start a conversation around a thing that might create some serious privacy issues. And, if the conversation is civil and constructive, everyone wins.
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    @Giocol I'd like to think the OP knows the "dangers" of owning one of these and consideed them when her purchased it. This making the conversation redundant and unnecessary. Especially since it's happened on dR so many times before.
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    @Benedikt how exactly do you think it would be possible to check the weather, stream music, and search for quick facts using the Google Home without a connection to Google APIs?
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    @DuckyMcDuckFace I meant at first the speech recognition. But also the integration could happen locally if you connect to the sources directly instead via Google.
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    @Stuxnet I'm just curious
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