Why is Drupal so hard to learn?!!!!!!

It feels like you are learning an entirely new language. Yes it makes hard things simple, at the same time making simple things hard to accomplish.

And also modules are buggy, you would fix bugs instead of doing your tasks.

I want to learn Drupal but I guess it is not friendly for beginners like me.

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    Before I go and start swearing at Drupal. I would like to welcome you to devRant. Would you like to tell us how you came to know about devRant.
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    Drupal is the most shitty thing I have ever seen. Like you said, the modules are buggy etc etc. It happened to me multiple times that because of the buggy module, I have to disable the functionality which fucking pisses of the client. Clients don't want to fucking pay for custom module development.

    In my form company, we have few websites and all of them were hacked by different hacker. Which forced us to work long hours and convert the website to WordPress.

    Fuck Drupal, fuck fuck fuck Drupal
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    Hi error503,

    Thanks for welcoming me!

    It is for the same reason. I searched google why Drupal sucks and it leads me here.

    I got my first job as Drupal 7 site builder, also did a bit of custom module development.

    If I have a project, I always consider Drupal as my first option because it would save me a lot of time. But I always ended up using something else.
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    @dralcanar Let's cry together.
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    @error503 devRant is so good, I feel like something heavy has been taken away from me!
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    @dralcanar Enjoy your stay. Spread the word
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    I remember checking out drupal years ago when CMS like WordPress were getting popular. Had a feeling right away from their site UI that it must be shitty. Never bothered to check deep into it.

    No regrets.

    IMO, given the features and flexibility WordPress gives, it gets too much hate compared to mess like drupal.
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    @error503 @dralcanar What a union 😂 !
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    Drupal like it's partner symfony is tool that esteems itself in making life difficult with for nothing. I would go with WordPress despite the shitty rep it gets
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    I've seen so many CMS way worse than Drupal. Oh, boy. But Drupal is horseshit anyway, I'm not going to defend it. I would use modx for small websites.
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    It is not worth learning it, if you want to advance in programming career, you should try to avoid cms.
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