Friend found this at his office

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    Misspelled indentation but this is really amusing.
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    Japanese programmers? haven't met any utn
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    *cringe* I hate this stereotype so much.
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    Some typo's and a tad cliché, but so funny I wish I could ++ more than once...
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    I so want this at the office xD
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    Although quite a few of these have been sighted in Scandinavia, so the map seems a bit off...
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    Add some markers over Brazil! Hahaha
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    Tbh.. I barely fit it into this template. 😂😂 and ffs I don't turn coffee into code.
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    Where can i get one of these?!
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    Hey, add some in Colombia! :)
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    lol israel is on the map too! 😐

    but now for real, the guy who put this probably marked the places where his/her other software engineer colleague's are from.
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    I hate this picture! Cuz there is no my country. my country is enough big! Mongolia!?!?!
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    How come Sweden or Scandinavia in general isn't there? Software is one of the few things we are somewhat good at...
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    This map ignores Israel
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    Add some in the main cities of South America 😀
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