Sounds a lot like he's out for some fucked up facebook permissions, thought facebook "removed" all of them?

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    I think he wants the taste. An aged Facebook app tastes much better than a new one.
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    @AlgoRythm understandable
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    @JoshBent so he wants a old facebook app?? Isn't that avialable in apk4fun etc?
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    @CozyPlanes an application registered on Facebook, not the actual app, at least what I hope it is.
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    Looking at my old developer account I have several :/ what’s special about them?
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    @dayo some seem to pay for them 200-600$, probably some old rights system abuse scheme again, because the newer ones have already certain rules set in place, that don't allow for data mining as e.g. with the cambridge scandal
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    None of them have users so I’m guessing they will be pretty useless
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    @dayo not if you can use it so users can connect through it, which was the entire core of the whole Cambridge thing iirc
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    umm is there anyway to create some fake old fb apps? 10 apps and we get $50 :3
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