I want to try installing Linux from scratch. So without a fancy ui just bash. Has someone a reccomendation how and where to start? The goal is to use the system for daily use.

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    again, can't believe i'm suggesting

    try gentoo first?
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    Arch Arch Arch
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    Any linux distro but just purge the DE?
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    I started with a minimal Debian installation.
    Then installed and configured everything I need (i3, rofi, polkit...).
    Can be a bit challenging at first, especially, when you don't know yet, what packages you actually need.

    But now, I don't want to go back to preconfigured installs anymore.
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    @metamourge How did you know which packages you need is there some site where these things are documented. Or something like that. I used Ubuntu for almost a year now and wanted to try some thing new and custom.
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    Linux From Scratch is a distro. you compile everrrrything...from scratch.

    (read the word "distro" lightly i guess)
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    Arch. I use Arch btw.
    No but seriously Arch is perfect for what you want to achieve.
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    @zlice I heard about that but didn't knew if it was any good for practical use.
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    @Kickflip for compiling it from scratch i'd go gentoo, then LFS if you were talking about that.

    if you just want to install minimal, i guess arch -.- slackware may work? you can get a minimal install for a lot of distros but you dont really compile them
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    @zlice have you used lfs and can you recommend it?
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    @Kickflip i use gentoo and i love it, def not for everyone. LFS i have not used, if it has some kind of bsd ports or gentoo emerge (to update without doing everything 1 by 1 or manually) it may be awesome, just never looked into it
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    With or without GUI, variety of preinstalled packages, configuration is pretty much same.

    To understand what packages are needed, you read manuals, articles, posts, recommendation from a friend, anyone.
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    I learned nearly everything by trial and error.
    The arch wiki is, even if you don't use arch, a pretty good starting point, if you are searching for something.
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    I think I will try arch but thanks to all of you for help.
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    All of the comments in a nutshell
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    Go with arch!
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