Shaving with an old-style safety razor just rocks - that metal thing consisting of three pieces where a slotted, double edged razor blade fits in. With the good Russian Astra Platinum blades at 10 cent per piece where a hundred piece pack lasts for years. The whole thing can be fully dismantled and cleaned.

I can't understand why people use this modern overpriced Gillette shit at 2 EUR per piece that you can't even clean, with debris stuck in-between that starts to rot if you use the blade block more than once. Must be brainwashing by ads. Even worse for women who pay 50% extra for the pink version of that unhygienic shit.

Oh, and real shaving soap with a real shaving brush and not the canned aerosol garbage that doesn't really work anyway.

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    I switched to safety razors after I bought two packs of replacement blades (cartridges? three-bladed shit things?) for my cheap plastic razor AND THEY DIDN'T FIT ANYMORE BECAUSE THE MANUFACTURER DECIDED TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM TO MAKE ME BUY A NEW RAZOR. AGAIN. A razor which probably is even shittier than the last one. A RAZOR WHICH WON'T EVEN FIT THE NICE STAND WHICH CAME WITH THE FIRST ONE. Fuck plastic razor companies.

    Haven't looked back since.
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    That was one or two years ago and apparently I'm still mad
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    I use safety razors for about 6 years. I just love it.
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    From my marketing background:

    '90% of men stick to the brand of razors they have used for the first time'.
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    I stopped using razors, i just trim it using an electrical haircutter and that's it. Never had complaints or weird looks, simple and fast.
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    @mooreCodes Ive switched four times, guess Im a marketing nightmare then?
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