We all know that node_modules is the heaviest folder in the whole universe, right?

Weel now that I'm starting to use ionic and cordova I get to use them for apps as well, not only websites!

Fuck my life, seriously

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    So why does it matter how big this folder is?
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    I feel ya bro
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    @JackToolsNet The bigger the folder, the more plugins there will be, the most complex stuff has to be done, the most dependencies will fuck up, the longer the time for compiling, the harder to make it work with XCode, iOS
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    @ZioCain Don't use a plug in for every fucking shit.
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    @JackToolsNet best way to implement new feauture or chunk of algorithm is taking it from npm

    really, npm has plugin for every fucking case.
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    @nemyxa And this is exactly the problem...
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    @JackToolsNet Wish I could, but it just takes like 3 minutes of installing and +0.5s for each build against like 5h for each thing I need to do

    Also, if I were to do anything by hand, I'd write my app in android studio + xcode, which would take the longest time
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    @ZioCain of course I use npm too. ExpressJS mongoose b crypt and so on.

    There is one death you must die isn't it 😁
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