What do you hate most about your job life? For me it's small talks.

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    I hate lack of coordination/conscientiousness in some of my coworkers. It creates a ton of annoying chaos and often turns what should be a fun and interesting job into pure crap. We have multiple projects now where migrations, linting, unit tests, git-flow, auto-deploy to staging, etc, was all nicely set up but because of a couple cowboy coders it's now all completely broken. And I don't mean broken as in, they didn't maintain it and continue to add their own unit tests and migrations. I mean that every PR fails linting and test checks because they committed broken code directly to master and didn't bother to fix it. I mean that the migrations no longer work at all, and if other people try to use git-flow they'll be rebasing their branches several times a day to get it through review. Then we have a couple of managers who aren't much better. They constantly want something new and shiny even though there are serious showstopper bugs in the system that aren't getting prioritized.
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    My salary, the problem is i love everything else, so i can't decide to leave
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    I hate when I find myself smarter than my manager because it give me the idea that I need to be in his place.
    I am still young and learning a lot so I need work harder and should’t think that way.

    I hate when projects requirements come to my table without me being involved in it from the start.

    I hate that my performance is evaluated based on my attendance more than my productivity and accomplishments.

    But at the end, I love coding and challenging myself .. one day hopefully I will make my own company and treat my employees better than what I have been treated!
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    Monster projects due in two weeks, especially when built on top of a landfill. If I manage, it's expected and there's no praise. If they "really kicked our ass, huh?" it's my fault.

    The boss does know the codebase is total shit, but he has very little concept of scale or scope, and is just technically inclined enough to operate his iPhone.

    For example, he expects two devs will be able to rewrite the entire codebase (75% the length of War and Peace) from scratch in six months. The guy is bonkers.

    At least it pays decently.
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    Coding stuff with no meaning (like PR stuff which is going to be thrown away soon).
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    Meetings discussing the already obvious. What a fucking waste of oxygen
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    I hate almost all people around software development without software development experience. Especially those that say that something’s easy and everyone can do it.
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    I hate when some shitty consultancy company wrote fucking shitty code and I get to inherit the fucking thing. Then busting my ass off to figure poorly done code and explain it to product owners.
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    Getting up and going there. Really, I don't mind the work, I don't even have a problem with the people, it's just waking up at a set time and going in that I don't like
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