Arguing with my girlfriend (recalled from my mind, not 100% accurate)

she: What do you expect when you buy an android?
Me: sure thing apple is more "unpack it, use it", easy to use - but android is more like an empty canvas. The first thing when I buy it is setting it up to my needs.
she: You don't understand, what do you expect from your android device?
me: It has to be affordable and work for a certain time
she: No I mean, do you.. when you unpack your phone, expect it TO WORK?
me: Sure, it's not like I buy a pile of trash, I expect it to work
she: you're too stupid, baka
me: ... ? *confused*
she: When you say it is like a canvas, isn't a canvas someday full?
me: yes, every phone, iPhone, Pixel, Samsung, every phone has a limited memory
she: *mad* you don't get it, silly
me: I want to but heh, I don't get it

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    Well you don't, baka
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    @Alice what? 😞help me
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    I think I sense a bad joke there...
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    What do I expect from my Android phone?
    Same what a woman expect from a her boyfriend / man.
    P.s. I think too deep
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    @Alice @BambuSource For the sake if understanding this situation, he answered her up to how he understood the question for as far as I am seeing.

    What's the question, then?
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    @linuxxx I don't know.. We stopped talking about phones and continued with "creepy whatsapp messages" like: I am a ghost - send this to 13 contacts or I will wake you up 00:66. (Timmy (14yo) died on the 21th of july because he didn't share it)
    Shit like that.
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    πŸ“ Subscribed because I also want to know what was the question πŸ˜†
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    It's a trap. Don't answer seriously. And go one to a another topic.
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    @Alice But if you don't even get what the question is, how can you tell him to just answer it while he obviously isn't getting it?
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