I'll have bring windows back onto my laptop. Planing to dual boot it with arch. I have to an ssd and an hdd. I plan to install both on the ssd and continue to use the hdd for data. But I'm a but paranoid.
Would the windows installer dare to overwrite the data on my, without my permission?

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    I've known that to happen
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    @j4cobgarby ­čś▒
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    Expect the unexpected, hope for the best prepare for the worst and all that jazz lol
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    Hey how is it possible?
    The disk is portioned by both OS, hence the partition of one OS is not accessible by other, primarily because of different types of partition!
    U can check it using disk management utility in windows, that Linux taken space is not partitionable
    and it u can't acess it.
    And theoretically it should through error because, OS don't know those volume of memory and it's known volume of memory is full
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    @Nawap if that's true, how would a live usb replace a windows partition?
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    Could u elaborate ,live usb thingy!
    I don't know abt it,
    And I have actually tried to access files of Linux dual boot, but couldn't , and I thought it because windows is unable to read it because of ext4
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    @Nawap The hdd is my data drive. It uses ntfs
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    Now Windows installer may have very less chance to override (mostly not) because it will be considered as filled space ,but there is a chance, similarly from other side also.
    But if it's different type of partition ,then it shouldn't
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    @Nawap it may not be able to read the files, but it can erase the partition
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    I agree in worst circumstances it may try to erase, but erasing is not simple, it will show a additional confirm dailouge box , even ur a administrator/sa
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    The age old wisdom was to install windows first
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    Why not libvirt/kvm? Win10 runs just fine in it
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