What is the Stupidest solution to a problem that actually worked?

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    Taken from some older post.

    function isCertificateValid(cert) {
    return true;

    I mean, for sure it works.
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    Taken from a reddit post 🤣🤣
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    Changing a name 'Users' to 'users'.

    Apparently postgreSQL doesn't work with capital letters in the table names.

    I was new to php and I had wasted a whole day because of that
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    // Taken from my work

    foreach($object as $item){

    $item = $item;


    // use $item
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    Opening the script in sublime, save and execute again.
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    changing 8 to 16
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    @8BitOverdose Actually it does but you have to extra quote it like „“Users““.
    Fun fact: postgresql wont accept user as table because it's reserved. Had to learn it the hard way 😅
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    restarting the pc
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    Bang the hardware
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