Ordered a new phone. It's called Asus zenfone pro m1.

I never had a phone that sounds this long.

And it has 6GB RAM. Few years ago I thought it would be ridiculous for phones to have more than 2GB and now here we are.

Hope it will serve me good, atleast spec wise it should.

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    A genuenly curious question:

    Aren't they scamming the customers with all the fancy specs. I mean what do you need this much ram for, other than google chrome?
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    @CodePatronus TFS is life
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    @RantSomeWhere it's not Intel, it has SD 636
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    @whoneedsgit it costs just around 220 USD, so it's kind of a great deal. Even other phone manufactures have flashy features and buzz words like AI, notch etc but they costs more.
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    Sounds long? I bet it weighs warm too.
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    I believe that 6 GB of ram in the new phones is because they don't fucking optimize the software 😔. More ram, more CPU power and some phones even with 6 GB of ram have lags.
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