Linux desktop fanboys: proprietary hardware support is a huge issue in all major Linux distros. It is the fault of the hardware companies.

Also Linux desktop fanboys: hardware issues are the fault of the beginner/novice end user.

Windows/mac users: *installs any component they want and has it work flawlessly without even having to read a single word from the manual*

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    *complains in Linux*

    But honestly, I don't mind spending time to make something work when there are bugs/issues. But if a company is making is painful on purposes then they deserve to get fucked.
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    You're fixing to hurt a lot of people's feelings lol
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    I don't see your point. If hw manufacturers spent some time on Linux, the end users wouldn't have to do anything for everything to work oob.
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    I mean, the Linux fanboys' point ain't wrong. It just comes from a different perspective of your techo-grandma equivalent Windows user. It's like identity politics, but the people who know better are even bigger uncomprehensible assholes.
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    Hahahaha the amount of times I manually had to install drivers when I still used windows! Only had to install two drivers manually on Linux till now (8 years of time with 20+ devices)
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    @linuxxx Absolutely!
    It's mostly more pain to get a working driver on Windoozle than on Linux...
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    @linuxxx when in 1998? Windows 10 detects hardware identifiers automatically. You'll never have to fuck around with drivers, ever.

    It's funny that there are comments which literally just repeat what I posted in my rant. Lol.
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    Well windows users do have to buy all new accessories when upgrading windows because the drivers don't work on newer versions of windows. Don't know how ms is gonna force this now that there's just windows 10, though.
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    In what year?

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    @codechimp yes it is the fault of hardware manufactures that some hardware components don't work out of the box on linux, windows and mac osx. It depends on the target audience, money and the biggest culprit: having closed source firmware.
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    @electrineer no we don't have to buy anything new. I have a 2007 Dell laptop running the latest Windows 10 build and all of its Hardware is working. All my peripherals which were manufactured at different times under and for different versions of Windows work flawlessly. Stop spreading misinformation so you can feel better about your choice of OS.
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    @linuxxx Seriously dude? we are in fucking 2018, those problems you described no longer exist... some people are desperately stuck in stereotypes till this day.
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    @MrCSharp manually installing drivers on windows does exist even today. For example I had to install printer drivers (last week) because windows couldn't find it. However the same goes for linux.

    P.S be carefull with using generalisations.
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    @MateTea42 Both sides (Linux and windows) use generalizations.
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    @codechimp Didn't know Windows 7 was out in 1998, because I definitely had to manually install drivers on it.
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    @MateTea42 oh boo hoo, someone who is in IT is complaining because once in a blue moon they had to install a driver in Windows. I can play the Linux fan boy game and blame HW maker for not submitting their drivers to MS so Windows can find it automatically, but I won't... I will leave that game for you guys.

    as for the issue at hand: it is "Generalizations" btw ;)
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    @MrCSharp thanks for the correction. I hope you didn't misread my last line saying the same goes for linux.
    Btw you can take your saltiness somewhere else

    @Stuxnet yes and I hate it. Use the os / smartphone / console / ... that you are most comfortable with is my philosophy.
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    @MateTea42 I've got a windows laptop, a Linux laptop, looking to pick up a second hand MacBook, and 2 toewers.

    (My school sales the old hardware for EXTREMELY cheap. Someone got a solid tower (I believe i7 5th gen, 16 gigs ram, ect for $30), so I'mma laod up on hardware lol)
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    @Stuxnet Used windows all my life until I was 19 or so. Then I switched to osx, which has some really nice apps eg. Alfred app, dash. Then I changed to linux at the beginning of my studies. I still use windows for gaming and when family members need the odd printer driver installed 😛
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    @Stuxnet awesome what are you planning to do with all that equipment?
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    @MateTea42 Just try stuff. I'll put Linux on one. Maybe find some cool projects. It's more or less just fuck around equipment since it's that cheap.

    My first pay check (hopefully I'll get the job lol) will be gone in no time 🙃
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    At least Linux fanboys have documentation xD If you break something you need to make it work again. You really don't care with windows. If windows fail, what you do? Uninstall and install it again? Call tec support?
    In Linux you need to care more. You know the insides of the OS. You are root, you see everything and control everything. You feel like the machine is yours.
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    @claudiofilipe21 well it depends on your disto and a lot of other factors. I admit that I don't know much about the internals of windows anymore but I have used a lot of linux distros including archlinux. With linux it can happen that a bug appears on few devices and the solution is not known. Then you need to reach out to forums / irc etc. (your free linux support). Anyway I find this windows vs linux vs osx fanboy stuff sad. I suggest we drop the topic.
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    GNU/Linux is an image of the user.
    If the user is professional and great, it works great.

    Otherwise, my friend once had many viruses (I don't say use Linux no virus tho) and all the hardware issues altogether in his system because of carelessness.

    GNU/Linux also lets you have a good hand at more low level stuff and more...
    Let's make it clear, the choice you make is great for you unless you haven't tried the competitor with an unbiased opinion.

    Also, I like privacy @theNSA
    * Runs away *
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    @MrCSharp Well I have a 2007 IBM/Lenovo laptop that doesn't have proper drivers on Windows 10. I've got some windows XP/7 machines laying around if I want to use my peripherals that don't have a working driver on my daily drivers.

    Windows 10 is great as most devices install automatically. So they have caught up Linux distros on that experience, great.

    I don't get what is the problem you are having.
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    @codechimp That was with windows 7, I've never ran windows 10 due to serious privacy issues.
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    @D--M 2009-2013
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    @vlatkozelka on windows or linux?
    @MrCSharp I manually had to install some keyboard drivers to get my razer ornata working recently. Yeah I solely ran windows to run iTunes.
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    @linuxxx would it make sense to say that you don't have problems with HW and linux because you inform yourself about compatibility before you buy it? At least that's what I do if I want something to work on linux
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    @Fenix Not in my case. I bought my current one (Lenovo G70) and everything just worked out of the box. Have that with most of my devices.
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    @vlatkozelka Oh I'm not going to lecture you haha. To everyone their own, I just have my reasons not to use it (or windows/mac for that matter) and educating people with your opinion isn't wrong imo as long as you don't push it through too much.

    I've never had problems with nvidia drivers but then, I only. Had one nvidia device till now so yah
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    I use both Windows and Linux and I have to say that I like Linux far more. Being put in the driver's seat, having control over your privacy and being able to - even with this Speck crap - compile my own kernel and exclude it even though Arch Linux' team included it (for whatever reason) is a huge plus for me.

    Linux is not an OS for everyone as it requires you to care about it, and Windows isn't an OS for everyone either because it doesn't allow you to see its internals. Microsoft has been improving a lot with WSL, starting to embrace open source and listening to users through UserVoice. But they've still got a long way to go and I don't like their privacy invasion one bit.

    So yes I use Windows 10 and I'm up-to-date on its current developments. But I still don't like it one bit. In fact I hate it from the bottom of the lump of ice where should be my heart.

    As for why I'm using it? You hit the nail on the head - it's because of proprietary hardware. Nvidia is a royal pain in the ass and I should've researched more before I bought this Acer turd that I'm typing this very comment on - in Windows 10, from a UWP app.
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