Share your thoughts of General AI /Strong AI

How far away?
What language?
Will it need Quantum Computing?
What company will get General AI working first?
Do you fear Strong AI?

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    AI is like Innovation, it means exactly what the fuck you want it to mean and could propell future generations of innovation based upon it...

    With that being said... If it makes sense it does, if it doesn't it won't... There are people talking about ai to write code and even apps or software entirely, but still the end results will be polluted with the inabilities and workarounds used by the creator... So yeah it is abit like bitcoin, it could be a dealmaker or a dealbreaker but in its pure definition it's worth nothing to add value to anything without adding any real value to anything without adding any real value to anything without adding any real value to anything

    U get where I am going?
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    Ooh look quantum computing liilz
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    Atwood's Law says it'll be written in JavaScript.
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    Once AI can produce recommendations on Amazon that contain at least one fucking thing I might actually consider buying on an off day, then I might be mildly concerned.

    While it continues to offer me cookie-scented candles, I feel secure in the knowledge that it won't become self-aware by X-Mas.

    AI. Thick as pig shit.
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    what language?
    doesn't matter, what's important is what concept it'll implement.

    will it need quantum computers?
    most likely yes, if we keep trying to achieve it in the dumbass neural network way.

    how close?
    until working quantum computers at the latest, because then every idiot with one will just be able to bruteforce it
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    It'll probably run on azure and wordpress n shit
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    @bioDan or even just a whole bunch of magnets. Everything is better with magnets!
    Bonus points if you pull the plug on that AI's brain
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