I've got two raspberry pi's that I bought for setting up two different VPNs. I'm using pivpn.

One works resiliently, whereas the other, after couple of days, just stops working (the connection times out while connecting)!

They're on different routers, but the 'faulty' one works and then suddenly stops. This makes me thinking that there's a problem with the router.

I didn't give enough details of course, I just want your opinion on what could be the cause (I know this is not SO xD)

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    Do you have Bluetooth enabled? I had a lot of issues with my WiFi whilst Bluetooth was enabled
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    Have you tried switching the sd cards? Strange errors on pi's in my experience usually have to do with faulty sd cards.
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    @dufferz no I don't have it enabled, but I'll double check to be sure!

    @electron @MisterAire I usually uninstall and reinstall pivpn, that 100% of the time solves the issue! Weird uh?
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    Also, the problem is that this faulty rpi is abroad (that's why I'm using it for VPN :))
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    @electron Right. I read that online, and that appears to be a common issue. Although I'm using the official power supply! And the fact that it works until I re-install pivpn is suspicious (everything else, hardware wise, being the same).

    When I re-installed last time, I tried it for 1 week and it seemed to work fine. Then after a couple of day of no use it times out when connecting, and when I ssh to it I see the running VPN process.

    Is there any sanity check that I could do? Like checking a particular process is alive? Or anything in any log?
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    Since you see VPS process then try switching those 2 Rpi. If it does the same on the same router then router issue. If Rpi does the same on different router then Rpi issue
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    @Haxk20 and switch SDcards so you will know its an rpi software or hardware issue.
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    Thanks guys, I'll defo try that :)
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