My server is finished!

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    Feeling like a l337 h4x0r
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    Don't Linux
    Open Inside
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    Btw... What is a book called potatoes about?
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    @ArcaneEye there are 4 Pi’s inside, connected to the router (right next to it) via a switch. Here’s an old picture of the inside

    @GyroGearloose no idea. My guess is something about potatoes
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    (Image not showing up for some reason?)
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    @ArcaneEye at the moment, just setting up haproxy and stuff. I don’t have a static ip yet, but once I do I’ll be hosted a web server and some other bits
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    @sh1ftsh they’re running raspbian (is that how you spell it?)
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    @sh1ftsh 4 different servers, but serving the same stuff with a reverse proxy. Never heard of cpu/memory sharing, how does that work?
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    Congrats! I'm jealous.

    BTW, I would recommend odroid, it's a more powerful system for the same price.
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