What you have done?

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    'Degree' AND 'succesful carrier' at 17 or even 19? Am I the only one who is skeptical about that?

    Nice progress on the code tho!
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    How dafuq do you have successful career at that age?
    I don't know about other countries, but here, at 19 you're still in high school. Than add 4 or 5 years for University, and then you'll be lucky if you score some intern level position for few months.
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    These attention whoring bullshit tweets always piss me off.

    I bet their parents are paying for that house
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    I wish from the bottom of my heart someone does a r/quityourbullshit on that post,and reveals the true story.
    It'll be awesome.
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    @ceee both got GED’s and promoted to manager at their respective fast food restaurants and the housing is section 8 lol
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    @jeeper 😂
    And the condom broke and now it's too late ,hence the babies.
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    What successful career could you have at 19? Are you a senior acne squeezer?
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    Da fuck is wrong with the world where being a teen mom is something to brag about... Oh and she doesn't even look 17 or even 19 🖕🖕🖕
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    Unless they have some rich families which ensured them a high-pay-no-work job in family business. The degrees came along, probably.

    BS is still my first choice.
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    Its a lie ha. She isn't pregnant when twins. Damn lie ha.
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    Very substantial and respectable achievement, Mr_Malvic!
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    #that #is #not #how #it #works #here

    welcome to devrant
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