I don't understand why you'd want soundclouds premium-services because they are ad-free. I have yet to see my first ad and I've been using it for 5 years at least

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    @soundcloud_support found the last one. Let's get his ads back and we're set for this quarter
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    @netikras 😭😭😭
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    I was about to comment that I never see ads on the desktop page either, but then I remembered I use adblock.

    Mobile had quite a few ads, yet 90% are just advertising premium....I don't think companies want to buy their ads....
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    Imo it's kinda sad because it gives newer mucisians a good way to host content and I used to discover a lot of electronic music stuff through them.

    The issue is Spotify just have really good playlists and really good ways of showing you similar artists. Also the SoundCloud interface is not the best and is missing features.

    I might move to Google play though because recently Spotify has been releasing Android app versions that have major bugs that should have been caught in QA.
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    @NULLmaster Unfortunately... They also had some downgrades on their web interface, but the mobile app is progressing in a good way imo

    Not gonna switch until I find a platform with all the touhou I need in my life
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