What are your opinions on this? Seems pretty Orwellian to me....

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    lol BuzzFeed
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    @Stuxnet the article is suprisingly good and in depth. No top ten BS or stuff like that.
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    Fuck signing up for that
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    Great article, thanks for sharing. I use upwork monitor, and it's really stressful. I can't browser around, look at emails, or being inactive for more than 10min. It requires too much from the developer, but at the same time, I understand how the client feel safe using a freelancer plataform, when they can look at screenshots of the work done and the freelancer activity.
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    "but so is every other technology we use in our life" - fucking bullshit.
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    It says that Upwork doesn’t let freelance workers have access to their data but that would be illegal in Europe because of the GDPR . So...
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