I'm not a heavy smartphone user, but going from having to keep phone plugged every few hours ( battery was shitting itself in my last phone ) to this is just incredible.

I have never experienced this kind of battery life other than in those old nokia brick phones.

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    What device is this?

    I have an OnePlus 3t.
    Two times a day for about an hour I use gps (warnings for speed traps while driving) and Spotify.

    Other than that I don't use it much.

    When I then get home the battery usually is almost dead.
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    @FuzzyDoge I have the 5000 mAh battery.

    @RadiatorTwo it's an asus zenfone max pro
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    New phones especially, have great battery life.
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    There are days I forget to charge my S7 and I'm always impressed by how little the battery changed over night even with the always on clock display
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    wrong, Nokia brick phone lasted a week with heavy use
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    i find these battery charts suk now. new fone and the thing said 3 days left last night. however between using for say idk, an hour max? nothing intense at all, mostly checking the battery bs. it went down quite fast and i'm charging it this morning.
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    @filthyranter and a month with light use
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    Someone here has like a 10k mAh battery with their phone. I forgot who, but that shit blew my mind lol
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    @Stuxnet Not kmAh again. Please.

    (it was @linuxxx with his oukitel)
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    @electrineer shit. im sorry i did start with kmah. in linuxxx rant
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    @Stuxnet that is insane. And it's cheaper too 🤯
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    @FuzzyDoge yeah I get like 11h easy sot on my lenovo p2
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