A colleague had to show up for a demo in 10 minutes, and urgently needed to fix some CSS.

I told her the right way would take more than 10 minutes. The quick and dirty way was to add an `!important`.

I made her write a comment:
`// TODO: Fix this hack made for the demo dated blah blah`

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    And a week later this is fixed. With jQuery.
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    @lucaspar Haha hell no! Angular these days makes you go through a convoluted brainfuck if you want to manipulate the DOM directly. And it's great; I'm not complaining. 😄
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    @Gentoo Yup, I'm yet to see the utopian dreamland codebase. Some claim to have spotted it in the Himalayas, but I have my doubts.
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    You know someone is going to read that comment in 6 years' time.
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