Do you have btc? If yes, how'd you get it? Do you feel its Ponzi?

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    Ponzy does not mean scam or anything line that, ponzy IS a scam.

    Also, you are too late for that question.
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    Remember when it was worth like $20k USD? It's down to less than $6.5k USD.

    Shit dropped harder than my grades in classes I dislike lol
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    I don't see it as a Ponzi scheme because there's not really a product involved nor investment requirements / guarantees. It's more like buying a foreign currency and no one can predict it. That's why I don't see btc even as an investment, but maybe a gamble instead.
    Answering the question, I don't own any today.
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    Not based on anything, created from nothing? I smell bullshit.
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    I've been following btc since it was $2.5k

    But I never imagined it'd shoot to $17k+ and then drop down

    Followed many accounts on Twitter to go with the influencers and found it was just more than money.

    Well, learned a lot from the influencers. Sometimes, it's just not about the money.

    Plus the logo. It has a B over a $.

    This turned me upside down. Main objective was to remove the USD and it was so crazy.
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    Bought some 'stuff' off the 'Internet' when btc were $7 each... Sometimes I wish I had better foresight
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