So... I'm assigned to do a new development, something related to integrate a Call Center service to our main app.

I have not a single clue on how to begin, at what to look, what doc to read (the service doesn't offer a good one), just trying thing and hope for some luck.

This sound familiar to you also or it's just me?

These moments make me think twice if my knowledge can handle and this scares me!

Also, it's kinda urgent and very important so... no stress!

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    "call center", is the IRS going to call me soon?
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    You will be asked to do things you have never done before, almost all of the time.

    Its your chance to learn something new, and challenge yourself.

    When you face something like this, see if its done before.. how did they made it? what would you do to improve it in your solution? if not done before, think about how it can be possibly done.

    By the end you will be able to figure it out .. you just need to clear your mind and focus on it.

    Stress will go after getting the first lead on how to do it.
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