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    You mean Kotlin. And in front of Kotlin C# xD
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    This meme format died a few weeks ago lol
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    @DanijelH no I mean Java then Kotlin then c#😁

    Ps. I've never got around to trying Kotlin but I heard its great
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    0. BrainF****
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    @DanijelH Kotlin FTW! Seriously, every day I find something new with it where I'm like, "well, that was really, really, really fucking smart".
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    @oh-4-fucks-sake Could not agree more. Kotlin is that syntax sugar You didn't know you always wanted, until you tasted it.

    I've used kotlin to refactor some java group projects.
    Java file with 240 LoC?
    BAM, down to 40, easier to read LoC, within 5 minutes (ignoring the fact that ny partner has a redundant programming style imho)
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    Java is a 7 on that list at best.
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    @DanijelH why is c# better than kotlin?
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