Well paid java dev. But the HW/SW-Stack is awful.

Monitor: single 1600x1024
5yr old notebook, old i5, magnetic hdd
Forced to use windows 7
No maven server
No CI server
SVN but no git
Eclipse, no intelliJ
No sonar server

There are days where I just can't take it anymore.

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    do yourself at least a favor and buy yourself a monitor.
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    Do yourself a favour and move on!
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    @heyheni byod is not allowed. :-(
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    @linux-colonel I found a colleague who is willing to fight for Linux notebooks.
    HW of my company, but choice of OS of it works out. Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop probably, but better than nothing.
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    @mampf have you tried it?
    i mean, every programmer needs dual screen set up with atleast one full hd.
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    @heyheni Untrue. You dont need that. It would be nice. Goddamned. Lern that.
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    Prove to management that upgrading will provide them with positive ROI.
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    also explain how beneficial having just one CI container would be... I can't imagine life without it.
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    what no git? O_o
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    No IntelliJ? Why would you need to code in Eclipse, the Community Edition of IntelliJ's also good, and free...
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    @Gatgeagent but doesn't support Spring, which stops me from using it
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