Does anyone here knows (first hand) how long does it take the entire hiring process at Google in Europe?

From the first contact to the offer?

Thanks a lot

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    What's "first contact" in your understanding? Google, as they claim, receive 1m+ CVs annually and only less than 0.1% applicants receive any answer. So, have you already received anything from them?
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    no not exactly but a friend of mine had to go at least to 1 coding test and 3 meetings at google zurich just to be refused.
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    @arazzz that's the weird part, I did.

    @heyheni Shit man that's hardcore. Any chance of getting to know his story? I'd like to get an idea of how these things go and how to try fuck it up the less ;)
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    Can't speak for Europe, but I know that in the US, it takes 2-4 months, for a job with high technical skill.
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    Too bad for you that your avatar seems to indicate you're white and male. As diversity hire, Google would appreciate you much more.
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    @Fast-Nop Lol my avatar looks nothing like me. I'm latin ;)
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