Question to all linux users:
tl;dr MS office alternate for linux?

I am planning on switching from Win to some linux distro. But I hesitate bc I don't know what I should use instead of MS office or how I could still use it. I am searching an office suite that has a rather comprehensive UI, is stable, can be used offline and is compatible with MS Office since I still have to use it in school.
What do you use or would recommend?

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    Libreoffice 6 just came out and it's actually pretty decent.

    Honestly I rarely even edit Word docs any more. Libreoffice and Google docs are both good for spreadsheets. I make all my presentations in reveal.js.

    Most 90% of your workload, Libreoffice should work fine. There's also kingsoft-Office. It's not open source, but it is free as in beer.
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    Is it possible to use ms office 365 or google docs offline?
    I use MD but u can't really use it for spreadsheets or slides, can you?
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    Linux user here.

    Totally honest you won't find any suite that is 100% the same as MS Office.

    LibreOffice does the job for most of it. I use Calc (Excel) a lot and it works for almost all I need.

    Then you have Google Docs which also works fine most of the cases. It will depend if you have special needs.

    None of them has a decent counter part to PowerPoint.
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    @RantSomeWhere I use latex for formulas in power point but I can remember that it was a pain in the ass to setup
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    LibreOffice is awesome, but if you want MS stuff it is available as a free web app:

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