Question to all linux users:
tl;dr MS office alternate for linux?

I am planning on switching from Win to some linux distro. But I hesitate bc I don't know what I should use instead of MS office or how I could still use it. I am searching an office suite that has a rather comprehensive UI, is stable, can be used offline and is compatible with MS Office since I still have to use it in school.
What do you use or would recommend?

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    Libreoffice 6 just came out and it's actually pretty decent.

    Honestly I rarely even edit Word docs any more. Libreoffice and Google docs are both good for spreadsheets. I make all my presentations in reveal.js.

    Most 90% of your workload, Libreoffice should work fine. There's also kingsoft-Office. It's not open source, but it is free as in beer.
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    Is it possible to use ms office 365 or google docs offline?
    I use MD but u can't really use it for spreadsheets or slides, can you?
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    Linux user here.

    Totally honest you won't find any suite that is 100% the same as MS Office.

    LibreOffice does the job for most of it. I use Calc (Excel) a lot and it works for almost all I need.

    Then you have Google Docs which also works fine most of the cases. It will depend if you have special needs.

    None of them has a decent counter part to PowerPoint.
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    LibreOffice if you want to stay in your comfort zone.
    LaTeX if you want to step up your skills.
    You can use LaTeX for writing documents and Beamer presentations (via pandoc). I dunno about spreadsheets, though. Never tried it. I use SC-im for spreadsheets, it’s a terminal-based spreadsheet editor with Vim-bindings
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    @RantSomeWhere I use latex for formulas in power point but I can remember that it was a pain in the ass to setup
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    @johnsonn use pure LaTeX without any third-party tools. Just you, LaTeX and a text editor. Nothing more.
    Works like magic.
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    LibreOffice is awesome, but if you want MS stuff it is available as a free web app:

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