When you're still trying to find the one...

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    all the best devs use Windows vista. period.
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    I use Linux Mint and it's all I need
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    Arch Linux for the win!
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    Whenever I need a Linux VM I always install Ubuntu Gnome flavor. unity just sucks...
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    Elementary OS is beautiful though...
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    I use Mint when I'm doing the work and side projects, but I've recently tried Windows 10's Ubuntu bash and if they won't fail with it, it's gonna be quite enjoyable to work at Windows
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    Debian + Gnome (or LXDE with low memory) => stability, security and speed.
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    Arch is great, and slackware is great too, cant choose between them... I wonder how gentoo is.
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    @NoNameCode I haven't spent much time with Solus yet but personally I think it's pretty good
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    @tmarc I've been toying with Bash on Windows and it seems pretty solid, still probably easier to just use Linux though
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    Someone doesn't like sharing. Them upload speeds though.
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    any brave soul who uses Bash in 'Dows
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    Reminds me of my days, for now I am settled with kubuntu loving the kde
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    i work on android os
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    @iSpithash what does windows key do on your side brah?
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    @liveen Don't have Elementary OS anymore sorry.. Changing distros every now and then because i get bored :P
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    I ended up with xubuntu 16.04. Fast and customizable.
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