This one crazy:
We made an app for our client to scan some parcels via barcode.

They just created a ticket, for complaining that it's hard to scan in the storage room, because it's so dark. They are like sometimes we need to use a torge to scan. Can you increase the contrast of the app or something to scan better in darker place.

Did not know what to answer, but my thoughts were like: why the fuck you don't put enough light in that room?! 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️

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    Answer with: "why the fuck don't you put enough light in that room?" lol
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    resolve with "request the barcodes to be printed inversed, using fluorescent ink"
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    If barcode scanners have like a light source (sort of like a camera flash) that gets triggered while scanning, would be a cool feature.
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    @bigus-dickus actually, that's weird... isn't the whole principle of how they work based on shooting out a line of laser, meaning they should work normally even in complete darkness (assuming you aimed it at the barcode properly)?
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    I'm not an expert so bear with me. I've used bar code scanners before but not in low light conditions. so I wouldn't how they would respond in such a scenario.

    From what I've heard, bar-code scanners don't detect the 'bars' but instead the white-space between the bars so maybe, a little illumination might be of help.

    Again, I may be utterly wrong to think this way.
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    @bigus-dickus yes, but they detect the white space by shooting out a line of laser (usually red) and recieving back its reflection from the white spaces. the bars themselves, being black, absorb it, making it recieve the reflection that has the striped pattern...

    it's pretty easy to see the laser even in shops when they sometimes use the handheld one, and you can even see it "flashing", the frequency is so low. except it's not really a flashing line, since it's a laser, so the flash is a consequence of it running the point back and forth. it basically reads the thing like a morse code/binary/cd reading laser, "holes" and "hills".
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    And then the dev-god said: let there be light in your dark ass store room, and let there be gray matter between your ears to realize that you probably needed a proper laser scanner all along. And it was good.
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    @bigus-dickus yeah, but we just use iOS so far, without extra hardware for laser scanning 😅
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