just quit my job, and the last push i do is changing all the literal string contained in variable and/or stdout to base64 encoded string. and change it to call my secretely placed decoder function.

Everything is working normally guys! *walks away into darkness*

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    how can a commit containing dozens to hundreds of tiny changes across dozens to hundreds of files from a guy who just left go unnoticed...
    ... i will never understand
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    @Midnigh-shcode i do it in the morning while i'm packing my thing. im not expecting them not to notice it. i just don't care anymore. but the tester usually didn't look at the source file in the beginning of the day. they just run it.

    but in the end, its just as easy as reverting back :D
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    @wowotek are you mad at your colleagues or your bosses? Because it's your colleagues that will pay for your acts here :/
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    @Orionss yes 3 colleagues and my Project Manager. nah they can revert it back. no big deal
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    You should have used AES on the strings and force them to bruteforce the key. Rewrite the history using a force push. ;)
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    @PrivateGER Yes and then i go to jail 5 days later lol
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    not cool, if they were terrible you just proved you are just like them.
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    @maces i agree with you. i am just terrible at handling person like they are, which make me bad. but at that instant, i just don't care anymore. i just couldn't take it any longer, i don't get paid for 3 months and always asked for overtime.

    no, just no.
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    @wowotek i understand the toxicity and sadly nowadays we have terrible engineers who joined the industry so they can switch to management at a later point the engineering teams are not pure anymore.....
    anyway good luck man and don't say you are terrible at handling people sometimes people are nothing but a talking assholes
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    @maces exactly. well said.
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